Posted by: kellietris | March 19, 2012

Peaks to Portland 2012 date!

There’s an official date!

Peaks to Portland will be on July 21 this summer, rain date of July 22.

I’ve noticed a lot of page hits looking for the race date, and it’s not up on the YMCA site yet, but this is an email from the aquatics director, Terry Swain, sent out this weekend:

“Hi All, I am e-mailing to let as many swimmers know that I had hoped to get the registration going for Peaks to Portland for tomorrow but that is not going to happen. We have had a personal change and the new web person needs a little more time getting things set up. I hope to have it going by April 1st. Please look on our website for info. . I will try to send something out if it happens sooner. If you also could pass the word around that would help me out.
Some facts!
Price $125
July 21st rain date July 22nd ”

So spread the word, registration is coming soon. I won’t be able to do it this year… like I had guessed from looking at the tides, it’s the day before my Ironman so I’ll be up in Lake Placid freaking out šŸ™‚ For more info on last year’s swim, check out my race report!


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