Posted by: kellietris | July 13, 2012

Shut Up Legs!

When I started the countdown widget on my desktop, it was around 360 days until Ironman Lake Placid.

Now it says 9 days.


In all seriousness I feel like the last 50 days of those 360 have flown by. It feels like last week it said 30 days, and last month 65. But hey that means training has been fun, right?! If it’s not obvious, I haven’t had time for blogging my training adventures, since when I wasn’t in the lab or actually training I was either eating or sleeping or pretending I could still have a social life. The short and sweet version:

The Sustainable Athlete IMLP Camp crew

I have found an amazing community of athletes in the greater Portland area. Through my training group workouts with the Sustainable Athlete, the group runs out of Maine Running Company, continued support from my PVC cycling ladies, and early morning meetups with my polar bear swimmers, I was able to get through the toughest workouts with one part encouragement/one part commiseration with my new friends (and Coach Denise of course). 6AM bike TTs, frigid runs around the boulevard in the dark, 3-hour trainer rides, endless PRs in both time and distance… it’s been an awesome ride. Thanks guys 🙂

Tomorrow the countdown will say 8 days. I’m racing down at the Nubble Light Challenge, a 2.4-mile (perfect distance) ocean swim. Get into the racing mindset a bit.

In a couple days the countdown will be at seven. One week. I’ve obviously started taper, and people keep asking me if I’m going crazy yet. I’m really not! I enjoy not having to plan a little extra sleep, I don’t feel like I should be squeezing in one more ass-kicking, and I don’t believe I’m not trained enough. I’m ready for this. (I do want to eat everything in sight, but that’s not all that different than normal Kellie).

Thursday morning, three days. I’m heading to New York. Getting there a day early, checking in on Friday. Two days. I know the swim is going to be awesome, if warm. Nothing I can’t handle in my element. After facing the hills of the Raymond loop, and riding the course at our IMLP training camp, I know that I can physically handle the 112-mile bike course. The run is going to suck, but that’s just because running always sucks.

Saturday I’ll be joined by my parents, my boyfriend (who is amazing for putting up with a girl who lives 200 miles away and trains 10-14 hours a week), and a couple friends for race day. I’m really grateful to have had people in my life who, despite thinking I’m absolutely batshit crazy, have supported my endeavor.

Sunday. Athlete #450. 0 days.


Bring it.

One final note:

Wednesday night I was watching le Tour and Jens Voigt made a hell of a comeback to allllmost win the stage. Afterwards, he tweeted: “Ok that officially a very hard day, gotta admit. More than once i yelled at my legs” shut up legs” believe on that on.” (The english trailed off at the end but I’ll give it to him!) I love it. Apparently this is something he’s said over the past couple years- stressing the idea of mind over matter when the going gets tough. This is 100% my new mantra. Shut up legs.

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